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“Chino has Parkinson’s disease and we had a few functional MD’s recommending NAD+ IV Therapy. Allison was recommended to us through a friend of a friend. Chino’s tremor hasn’t stopped from NAD+ but he has noticed improved stamina, strength, energy and focus. He has longer periods of mobility and can easily do 5-6 mile long hikes. I have also tried NAD+ a few times for anti-aging and noticed improvement in concentration and focus.

Allison is attentive, discreet, professional and we feel comfortable in her company…and since each NAD+ session takes a few hours that is a nice addition. It makes a big difference to have this quality service at home.”

Chino R. and Iwona T.

“I cannot recommend VIP Wellness enough. If you’re trying to recover quicker from an illness, injury, or just overall feel better, do not hesitate to book. I recently suffered a concussion and the NAD was life-changing for me. It improved my headache, light sensitivity, and stamina. Without it, I don’t think I could have managed my full-time executive duties while recovering from the concussion. Additionally, while recovering from a previous illness, the immune boost was game-changing. Allison is the best.”

Kimberly C.

“With fatigue and dehydration from an illness, I wanted to accelerate and maximize my healing and recovery. I was reaching out to respected health practitioners from different backgrounds that could collectively maximize my wellness.

I met Allison through mutual professional colleagues who spoke very highly of her and her results. My primary questions involved the safety and efficacy of the treatment and Allison provided literature and references so I felt totally comfortable with choosing her care. I felt an immediate benefit and the IV infusions provided rapid and meaningful results. I’m excited to know that there are safe and effective in-home therapies that directly augment my health, whether for recovery or maximizing well-being.

Allison is delightful to work with. She is professional, caring and knowledgeable.”

Lenny S.

“NAD+ is the Nectar of the Gods, the Healing Elixir of Zeus. After an infusion it felt pretty dope, I imagine it’s what performance enhancing drugs feel like. Additionally, after several NAD+ infusions my nails were shiny AF and my mom, hilariously to me, wants to try it. Allison is such a kind and lovely soul. Meeting a kindred spirit like her is an insanely rare opportunity.”

Max W.

“Allison was great! I found her last-minute trip planning abroad for my client and she was very accommodating, responsive, and provided everything we needed. It wouldn’t be a successful trip without her. Her service was a gem and wishing you the best on everything!”

Dani D.

“I was not running at optimal performance despite being extremely health conscious and as a former professional ballerina, that was not acceptable to me. With a fast paced and high stress job, I was feeling rundown. My time off work was becoming more and more about catching up on rest than doing the things that I loved and enjoyed. I found VIP Wellness after searching for IV vitamin boosts online as a pathway to optimal health. Allison exceeded any expectations I had for in-home IV therapy! Ally has the perfect balance of sincere loving care and professionalism that puts you completely at ease.

My life has improved since starting IV therapy with VIP Wellness! I now have energy to put into the things that I love. VIP wellness is this secret weapon that keeps me in performance shape mentally and physically!”

Margaret K.

“With the long hours and stress of Hollywood, I was finding myself exhausted and barely able to function at times. I heard about IV therapy but was skeptical. Allison at VIP Wellness made it so personal and inviting, she put my anxiety about IV’s at ease. I can’t say enough about how I felt after the Immune Boost IV drip. With renewed energy, I felt refreshed. My whole inside body said, ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’ at the same time! I was ready to jump back into the craziness of movie making and life. I highly recommend IV therapy with VIP wellness.”

Michael S.

“I was finding myself exhausted, depleted, emotionally and physically drained between the demands as a full-time executive, wife and most importantly mother. No one takes care of us moms. To have someone like Allison come over and take care of me means the world. She is a pleasure to be around, fun, smart, and insightful. She is safe, like an emotional hug…a soul nourisher more than just a body nourisher…an expert in her field. Beyond IV services, she gave me helpful ideas about health maintenance and lifestyle to incorporate into daily life. NAD+ and IV boost therapy has had a 1000% positive impact. I am now more aware of what my body needs and how it feels when I am hydrated. The team at VIP Wellness sets this company apart from others because they look at you holistically. They truly care and invest time and energy so you can reap the benefit.”

Andrea B.

“Allison is the best! Not only does she do an amazing job, but It’s also always a fun conversation with her! You won’t be disappointed, give her a call!”

Michael M.

“If you have ever had a migraine, you know how debilitating it can be. I was skeptical when Allison told me the hydration and vitamins from an Immunity IV boost might help alleviate my pain. I didn’t believe it until it happened, nothing has cured my migraines before. After the IV drip and some caffeine Allison suggested, the pain was gone. I was able to have a productive and eventful evening. There is nothing like losing pain! I will definitely use this service again.”

Yulia S.

“Allison is amazing, hire her if you can! Allison came over for a home visit and gave me a very painless and beneficial IV immune-boosting vitamin drip, and I felt amazing afterward. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and made it so easy! A+ recommend.”

Emily B.


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